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Organic, Heirloom, Local


"Organic" technically refers to any material that is carbon-based. That said, organically raised food follows a set of prescribed practices that differ in a number of ways from industrialized agriculture. Only farms that go through the certification process of their country or state can label their food organic.


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What is Organic Food?


Heirloom plant species are vegetables, flowers, and fruits grown from seeds that are passed down from generation to generation, says Barbara Richardson, horticulturist with the National Gardening Association. Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, meaning they rely on natural pollination from insects or the wind.


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What Does “Heirloom” Mean?

Local: (Locally Grown) 

Locally grown refers to food and other agricultural products, for example wool or flowers, that are grown or produced, processed and then sold within a certain area.


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What Does Locally Grown Mean?

a FArmers Belly is a Happy Belly

Built with Great taste and exceptional quality in mind.

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Made from our unique blend of ground, hormone free, humainly treated beef, and special spice blend, our burgers are sure to tempt the taste buds of any beef-loving burger connoisseur. Made with fresh, free-range beef, organic produce, and freshly baked pretzel buns, we appeal to the health and humane conscious meat eaters. We ensure that our ingredients meet a high standard of quality that you can trust.


Delivered fresh to us from Mary's Farms, our chicken comes from a happy home where they are able to run free and eat healthy grub from organic soil. Our chickens are loved, talked to and played with before they reach us. Seasoned to perfection, we cook them tenderly and add them to a variety of our yummy entrees.

OUR Produce:  

100% organic produce, fresh every day from a variety of farmers suppling our distributor. Produce is never frozen and is always cut fresh right before a shift, maintaining all the nutrients and good for you yummies that you deserve to help you stay healthy.


Fresh bread delivered to us daily. No preservatives,  no additives, no extra enrichments that we can not pronounce. Our bread is yummy and good for you! We serve gluten-free-when available.

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Influenced by French technique and modern flavor combinations, Chef Charlie and his team serve food that is fresh, healthy, and delicious.

Appetizer stations, hot beverage stations, dessert stations, and meat carving stations are some of our catering options.

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A new breed of food truck-restaurant quality service from a window!


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